Thursday, August 31, 2006

A BS (Belinda Stronach) Moment
Nearly 400 employees at Tenatronics Ltd., in Newmarket were told this week that their plant is shutting down no later than November 13, 2006.
With a sizeable layoff about to happen in her riding, one would expect that Bewildering Belinda would react in some manner, but so far there has only been the Sounds of Silence.
On BS's website she lists her current priorities as being; improving health care and protecting our quality of life (tell that to the men and women of Tenatronics).
On the website you will also find her hosting the Battle of Yonge Street charity hockey game (a good thing), a two day womens policy retreat in Aurora (will hopefully have economic sustainability and development on the agenda), and democratizing the Liberal Party (an impossible thing).
What's going on young lady? A major employer shuts its doors, a sizeable number of your constituents have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and you're nowhere to be found!
BS claims to be a "Strong Voice for Newmarket/Aurora" .... 400 men and women lose their jobs and she goes into that quiet night without even a peep or whisper ... perhaps it's laryngitis!


Nathan Hewitson said...

What exactly would you have her do? Go to company execs and cry? Surely you wouldn't want her to try and secure some kind of government subsidy to keep the thing open.... would you? Becuase you're buddy Kirk West seems to be opposed to such a thing.

Robert Otto said...

Thanks for your comment Nathan.
Let's take 'em in order. What exactly would I have her do? Let's begin with just the basic courtesy and empathy that goes with 380 people in our riding losing their jobs. Belinda is in the unique position of being well experienced in the auto business with her background at Magna. You would think that if anybody could have provided some creative ideas. input, possible solutions and new directions to consider it would be Ms. Stronach.
No I don't expect her to go to company execs and cry ... she's already done enough of that running for the Conservative leadership, aborting her Liberal Party leadership aspirations and now trying to democratize the Liberal's.
No I don't want her to go to Stephen Harper, hat in hand, and hitting the government up for money as an action of first resort for that is in the Liberal tradition...see Dalton.
Kirk West... don't know the man but I like a lot of what he has to say.
Nathan, it was widely known as far back as a year ago that this company was closing. All that I ever expected Belinda to do was what any caring human being would do. You speak up..see if you can find a solution..and if you can't so be it. But at least STEP UP TO THE PLATE and try. Sadly it would appear as though Belinda never even did that!
Love what Abe Lincoln once said: To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.
I would have been happy if all she had done was protest!