Monday, November 12, 2007

Robert's World for November 12/07

Mark Klein, a retired AT&T technician, helped connect a device in 2003 that he says diverted and copied onto a government supercomputer every call, e-mail and Internet site access on AT&T lines running through a San Francisco switching station. Hmmmmmm. Is AT&T the American Tattle Tale Company ..... just wondering.

How's this for a MORONIC quote? Donald Kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence, testifying before a Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill said ... are you ready for this folks ...... "privacy no longer can mean anonymity. Instead it should mean that GOVERNMENTand BUSINESS properly safeguards people's private communications and financial information." Woooooooowwww! Holy brain cramps Batman! ........... Mr. Kerr, please put on your Dunce Hat and go stand in the corner!

Just one day after Dumocratic Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed that her Iowa political director Chris Haylor had approached Geoff Mitchell to ask a planted question as to how HC would be tough on President Bush about funding the Iraq war, another person has come forth with a similar accusation. In this one a female student at Grinnel College was approached by a person on Silary's campaign staff and asked to pose a planted question about global warning during a campaign stop at a biodiesel plant in Idaho on November 06. ........ Memo to HC's campaign staff: To those of you who thought that planting questions was a clever election strategy ... please don your Dunce Hats immediately and join Donald Kerr in the corner.

In a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. Poll, 53% of those surveyed said that most members of Congress do not deserve re-election, the highest figure since the question was first asked in 1991. Giddy-up .... it's time to clear the deadwood out of Dodge.

Some 250,000 Palestinians currently reside in Jerusalem. Since 1967, an average of 300 citizens a year have sought to obtain Israeli citizenship. But over the past 4 months alone the Interior Ministry has been flooded with 3,000 applications, primarily from residents of the Arab neighborhoods unlikely to remain under Israeli sovereignty after the upcoming talks later this month aimed at carving-up some more of Israel to keep the terrorists happy. This should speak volumes to the Palestinian Authority but me thinks that they're too pre-occupied with "wiping Israel off the map."

Ten schoolchildren in the UK are being tracked by RFID chips in their school uniforms as part of a pilot program. The chipped children are enrolled at Hungerhill School in Edenthorpe England, a school for ages 11-16, and this experiment is supposedly meant to simplify the school's behavioral reporting systems ..... sounds very Orwellian doesn't it? Hey kids ...... here is what you can do to totally mess-up these techno-control geeks ..... just ask someone to carry your shirt around the building while you're somewhere else.


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