Sunday, December 02, 2007

Canada's Conservative Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn apparently likes to Fly High

Here are some facts regarding our high-flying Labour Minister:

  • Blackburn spent almost $68,000 of Our Money for 14 aircraft rentals between April and August of this year. (almost $4,900 per flight)
  • 50% of these flights were between the airport at Gatineau Quebec near Ottawa and the CFB Base at Bagotville 200kms north of Quebec City. (almost $4,900 per flight)
  • Flight records show that Blackburn was the only passenger on most of these flights. (almost $4,900 per flight)
  • Not a single aircraft rental appears in Blackburn's travel expenses. This is a required public disclosure item. (almost $4,900 per flight)
  • Instead these expenses are listed in the Ministry's list of procurement contracts, alongside transportation services and information technology contracts ...... HUH? ....... WHY? (almost $4,900 per flight)
  • Well lookie here Mabel, the minister did disclose almost $20,000 of flights on commercial airlines under his own name.
  • Last May, the Canadian Press revealed that in 2006 this minister spent almost $150,000 of our money on rented planes.

Do we have a problem here?

Mr. Harper, is this acceptable to you? ........ Just wondering.

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