Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Choose Life" license plates are patently Offensive in New York!

The Children First Foundation is a New York based non-profit, pro-adoption group which is opposed to abortion.

The group supports pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion as an alternative, and also supports "safe-havens" efforts under laws, including Connecticut's, that provide mothers the chance to leave unwanted babies at specified areas such as hospitals and fire stations without fear of prosecution.

In Connecticut the Children First Foundation is making available customized license plates with two crayoned kids' smiling faces on a yellow circle background with "Choose Life" in childlike red crayon lettering and also the groups web address:

The chidren's group does not promote a specific religion nor an anti-religious position. All that it states is "Choose Life."

So far there are 200 such license plates on Connecticut roads..

But in New York, the Department of Motor Vehicles rejected the design, claiming that a significant segment of the population would consider the design "patently offensive."

The Foundation then submitted a new design with just its web address to better reflect its purpose, but that was also rejected on the same grounds.

Then Michael Johnson, an attorney, filed a federal lawsuit against the state of New York for rejecting the "Choose Life" specialty plate.

Subsequently Mr. Johnson received a letter from the DMV stating that it has voluntarily suspended its custom plate program until further notice. How convenient.

What a den of cowardly, sniveling weasels at the DMV who don't have the guts nor the integrity to defend their position and subsequent decision, even if that defense has to go all the way to the Supreme Court!!! Instead these invertabrates quickly shut down an entire program.

Beginning with a law signed by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the plates have so far been approved in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina and Montana. Legislation has also been proposed in a dozen more states.

People in 12 states have NOT found "Choose Life" to be "patently offensive." What specific evidence does the New York DMV have to unequivocally substantiate their claim that a significant number of New Yorkers would?

Absent compelling evidence, all that the DMV is doing is attempting to impose their particular brand of political correctness at the expense of the First and 14th Amendments!

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