Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dion and the Looney Liberal's Green Shift.

As we all know by now those loveable, intellectually challenged, Liberals revealed their party's carbon tax plan today.

The Liberal's head Dunce, party leader Stephane Dion said that his plan - The Green Shift - is "as powerful as it is simple."

Personally I agree with Mr. Dion ... the plan is simple! But then again what else would you expect from the simpletons occupying the opposition benches.

I leave the analysis of The Green Shift to my esteemed fellow bloggers and pundits, save for this one simple question. Afterall a simple plan demands a simple question.

Mr. Dion, please cite me just one instance in the entire illustrious history of Canada where any tax of any kind, at any time was revenue neutral. That dog simply don't hunt!!

The Green Shift is in fact The Green Shaft and you my friend are giving us the gears!!!

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