Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anonymous Spanks the Cantankerous Conservative!

The Cantankerous one has been taken behind the woodshed and spanked! Here's another one of Lois Brown's supporters. Normally I wouldn't bother with it any more than I already have except.....this person makes mention of the fact that he/she has been going through the Conservative membership lists trying to find out who I am .... is that not illegal? Time to get "Deep Nose" involved.

Could the alleged Alliance candidate nomination vote result cover-up......the alleged irregular use of conservative party membership lists by Ms. Brown to sign members well in advance of nominations being called and now this witch hunt through the membership lists to find out about me be quickly spinning towards more sinister happenings? Could we be looking at LOISGATE? Just asking?

Here's the comments and my responses. Both have already been published on my post "A Comment from Kirk West."

anonymous said........
There is nothing more pathetic than a blogger who is ficticious, who hides his real name, and claims to be an Aurora resident, yet does not appear on any list...voters, PARTY MEMBERSHIP (I bolded this) or telephone directory.
Why do you not come out from the murky shadows? Or do you suffer from the same small-man complex that possessed the pathetic creature that hid behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz?
Or are you the one that actually works for Bellind?

robert otto said....
Yes there is someone more pathetic! Someone who chastizes me for apparently "being fictitious and one who hides his real name" in a comment identifying himself/herself as ANONYMOUS!

By the way, you took the time to check lists, telephone directories, voters list, and am I reading this correctly....MEMBERSHIP LIST. My oh my, how did you ever get a look at the PARTY MEMBERSHIP LIST?

IS THAT YOU LOIS? If not, someone with access to the inner sabctum has been a busy little beaver.

PS: Who's Bellind?

Then robert while in a playful mood made a second comment ....
Oh by the way Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, where in my profile does it claim that I still reside in Aurora?...I guess I must have missed me still living here.

I suppose there may be other sinister reasons for hiding in the murky shadows with my small man complex. Perhaps they may be as pathetic as just making a living. Oh my, I'm off to see the wizard. If comprehending the written english language was your strong suit, you could have saved yourself a lot of effort.

Again I ask, who's Bellind?

An Addendum: After all of the allegations which have been made to date against Lois Brown, and not denied nor challenged by Ms. Brown, and now this post by someone who has direct access to confidential membership information and admits to using that access for what purpose I do not know, other than possibly to try to shut me up or shut me down ... and in my opinion, with Lois' complete knowledge and possible urging...although I could stand to be corrected if proved otherwise ... leads me to say that it's time for Lois Brown to step aside, and the nomination campaign postponed, pending a complete investigation!

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