Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Army of Parasites!

A Blogger by the name of Paula (I'm sorry I do not have her last name) hits the nail on the head.

"The Credit Crunch is being spoken of as an act of God, but it of course was created by the banks. Some argue that the gullible should not have been sucked in, but if plausible striped-suit prestidigitators want to wander down the street throwing bundles of money into the air for us to catch it's a strong character who refuses them."

"They are responsible for the vast house price inflation throughout most of the world because it was in their interests to inflate - the bigger the loan the bigger the commission, the bigger the cut for lawyers, the builders, the real estate agents, the whole vast army of parasites feeding on a single host, housing."

"But now the host is dying and the parasites will die with it. A few corpse-feeders will do well; the pawnbrokers are already smiling, the lawyers are rapidly shifting to bankruptcy work."

"It has all been a wonderful scam in which we were all conned into thinking we had some money... we didn't. And, as it turns out, nor did they. The bundles they were throwing at us were illusory - money made out of thin air."

"Now they want their funny money back and will be disappointed when we give them our illusory wealth (our devalued houses) instead."

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