Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Memo to the 3 Amigo's
September is finally here and "Oh by gosh by golly ... it's time for Liberal leadership folly!" Just sitting here licking my chops as the games are about to begin.
Quick question ... isn't Liberal and Leadership an oxymoron ... but I digress.
To Kenny Dryden: Blessed are they who have nothing important to say and who cannot be forced to say it.
To The Iggster: Canada is easy to solve while standing on a soapbox.
Quick sidebar: I use to like Harvard beets.
To Bob Rae: Be yourself! Ooops, pardon the bad advice.
As the "Liberal spectacle is about to unfold, I am reminded once again, that the primary difference between an animal and the Liberal Party is, that an animal doesn't keep grabbing for more when it has had enough.
Bring it on gentlemen, hit us with your best shots!


Anonymous said...

Robert Otto said...

The trouble with the Liberal leadership candidates is that there are too many clowns who aren't in the circus.