Thursday, September 14, 2006

Memo to: Dah lton McGuinty and Duncan Brown

So let me understand you cowboys ... Mr Brown, as Chief Executive of what used to be the OLGC, you have decided to spend with Dah lton's blessing, $6,000,000.00 of our money to rebrand this cash cow.

As I understand your rationale is .... "this is about creating a brand that will represent trust, integrity and effective gaming operations." Do I understand you correctly?

Duuuuuuh. Hmmmmmm. Okay!

RIGHT ON Dunc baby! You're absolutely correct!!! Every time I saw the OLGC brand I knew you were untrustworthy, lacked integrity, and that you were totally ineffective. That's why people in the province never purchased your lottery tickets.

PS: I own a graphic arts company. Can we talk???

PPS: Is it true that OLGC originaly meant: Ontario Liberal Garbage Continues?


Anonymous said...

No it actually means Ontario Liberals Gone Crazy!

Robert Otto said...

That too!