Thursday, September 14, 2006

Memo to: Duncan Brown, CEO OLGC ... sorry ... CEO OLG

Let me understand this ... your advertising agency, Bensimon Byrne was paid $38,000/month from April 1/2001 to March 31/2004 ... correct?

You have just signed a new contract with your AD-LIB agency, but now for the paltry sum of $78,000/mth ... a slight increase of $40,000/mth ... with, as you put it ... "similar work expectations." Is that correct?

Duhhhhhhh. Hmmmmmm. Got it.

Excuse me Justice Gomery. Got a minute?


Kirk West said...

Once again, government has decided to treat its citizens like nothing more than ATM cards. When is this going to change?

Robert Otto said...

NEVER ... we all have platinum cards with unlimited lines of credit!