Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Comment from Kirk West

I have received a comment from Kirk West and it's been published on my "Google Kirk West and Lois Brown" post. Here's a reprint for your convenience.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please accept my deepest thanks for your support and words of encouragement. Believe me, they are appreciated.

Whatever happened in the past is in the past. The process that happened with the Alliance Party is not going to happen this time. I had a conversation many months ago with our riding president Mr. Stephen Sommerville and he assured me that this won't happen again.

I also know that the nomination committee chair Al Wilson will follow the rules to the letter. Of this I have no doubt, and I'm confident the nomination will follow the principles and values consistent with a fair and democratic process.

I also do not want to alienate anyone or create any ill will whatsoever during or after this nomination. Should Lois Brown win it is my hope that I will be welcome to assist her in the next election campaign.

Let's not forget that Lois Brown has a tremendous amount of support and I am still considered an outsider, an upstart, if you will.

I have said from the very beginning that my candidacy is not so I can oppose Lois Brown, it is so that I can bring my own talents, enthusiasm, and ideals to our democracy and offer them to the people of Newmarket Aurora.

While I'm glad these facts have come out and are available to the public at large, I do not want any animosity. We are all conservatives here!

Kirk West


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more pathetic than a blogger who is ficticious, who hides his real name, and claims to be an Auora resident, yet does not appear on any list...voters, party membership or telephone directory.

Why do you not come out from the murky shadows? Or do you suffer from the same small-man complex that possessed the pathetic creature that hid behind the curtain in the Wizzard of Oz?

Or are you the one that actually works for Bellind?

Anonymous said...


Robert Otto said...

Yes there is someone who is more pathetic! Someone who chastizes me for apparently "being ficticious and one who hides his real name" in a comment identifying himself/herself as ANONYMOUS!

By the way, you took the time to check lists, telephone directories, voters list, and am I reading this correctly ...MEMBERSHIP LIST. My oh my, how did you ever get to look at the PARTY MEMBERSHIP LIST?

IS THAT YOU LOIS? If not someone with access to the inner sanctum has been a busy little beaver.

PS: Who's Bellind?

Robert Otto said...

Dianne I agree ... Bravo. Kirk West has a lot of class!

Robert Otto said...

Oh by the way Mr or Ms Anonymous,
where in my profile does it claim that I still reside in Aurora? ... I guess I must have missed me still living here.
I suppose there may be other sinister reasons for hiding in the murkey shadows with my small-man complex. Perhaps they may as pathetic as just making a living.Oh my, I'm off to see the wizard.
If comprehending the written english language was your strong suit, you could have saved yourself a lot of effort.
Again I ask, who's Bellind?

Anonymous said...

anonymous makes a good point though Mr. Otto. We have no way of knowing who you are and who we are actually talking, to so you could easily be from the Belindah Camp or you could be Mr. West. I on the other hand am upfront with who I am. Click on my name and email me Mr. Otto and expose yourself. Otherwise everything on this blog may as well be an urban legend.

Robert Otto said...

See my blog post.