Saturday, February 10, 2007

Surprise ... Lois Brown is Running Again!

You know that the Conservatives are having another nomination race in Newmarket /Aurora
because Lois Brown is a nomination candidate again. In the words of the inimitable Wicked Mr. Wilson Pickett ..."Good God Y'all!"

Now I don't know Ms. Brown personally. I've never taken the opportunity to meet her. My only knowledge of her is that of her consistent losing track record to Belinduh and seeing her at the odd event which I would attend. It's quite interesting to watch her dash around shaking hands, grinning from ear to ear while asking for the support of anyone and everyone whom she meets. It's not unlike watching a feeding frenzy. But that doesn't bother me, for this has been the way of many other politicians ... I simply find it amusing to observe.

Over the years I have come to believe that Ms. Browns political philosophy is a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing. And so she has managed to gradually worm her way out of my confidence.

That opinion has now been further reinforced when I visited her new website at If you navigate to her On The Issues page Ms. Brown states; "I am launching this page with answers to the two questions I am asked most often;
(1) What, if anything has changed since the last election to help us win a Conservative seat for Newmarket-Aurora?
(2) What have you been doing since the 2006 election?"

Now let me understand this! While according to every major poll, the top issues which Canadians are talking about,as of February 2007 are; the Environment, Health Care and the Afghanistan mission, Ms. Brown would have us believe that in the riding of Newmarket Aurora, the two most often asked questions are the two appearing on her official nomination website? Smells an awful lot like something coming out of the south end of a donkey which is facing north.


Anonymous said...

Well Robert I know Lois personally, and she is my neighbour. You must know that she sis not sit and write all this stuff about herself. This is a volunteer effort. Yes Kirk's is savy. But let's face it. Lois has been there for the party when no one else would get involved. And whether she wins or loses she will still be there. She is running again for she is that type of lady. She is there to do whatever she can do to help. Let's get some good debate going so we can truly figure out who has the best chance to get rid of Belinduh. We truly do all have to pull together this time and work very hard because I am not willing to continue raising my children in a town where we are continuously confronted with a MP who portrays such bad character traits. We need an MP who can live up to the title "Honourable". I do know for a fact that Lois is honourable, and I do not think you could find a person who would disagree with that. Is Kirk honourable? I hope so.

Robert Otto said...

Dianne, you're absolutely brilliant!!!!

Let's get Kirk and Lois together for a debate before the nomination meeting!

Belinduh definately HAS TO GO ... hopefully as far away as possible!

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to see this debate

Robert Otto said...

Thanks anonymous ... so would I!

Anonymous said...

With Lois' mother-in-law dying on Friday evening her family is in mourning so there is not time for a debate. What is there to debate though really. Lois' platform is the platform of the conservative Party. What else could they debate?

Robert Otto said...

First let me express my condolences to Lois and her family.

"That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love ...
Colossians 2:2 kjv

There's more to governing than a party platform.
To answer your question of "what else could they debate?" I refer you to the OPEN LETTER TO LOIS BROWN posted on Kirk West's website at That would be a good start and a real service to Conservatives in our riding.

Anonymous said...

Although candidates represent the party platform, there are many issues not covered in the platform and there is some debate over who has the best credentials to represent Conservatives in this riding. It is also a chance to showcase skills required to be an MP

Robert Otto said...

Absolutely correct. I was hopeful that Kirk and Lois could have arranged to debate as to how they would go about representing our riding and in so doing showcase their skills, abilities and depth of their understanding and thought.

FYI...Kirk on his website has posted "An Open Letter to Lois" asking to debate her on the issues and possible solutions to matters affecting our riding.

Unfortunately, Dianne a personal friend of Lois, has informed me that Lois will not be able to attend because of a death in Lois' family.

You'll find Kirk's Open letter on

Anonymous said...

It's probably too late now, anyway. Not enough time to get the word out.

Robert Otto said...

There still may be a chance if we mobilized the blogosphere.
Other than that let's make sure that we all attend the nomination meeting on March 5/07